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Pathology is the examination and identification of disease via examination of organs, cells, body fluids, and entire human body. The field also includes the interrelated scientific study of ailment processes, known as general pathology. Medical pathology is basically categorized into anatomical pathology and clinical pathology. A Pathology Assistant is a highly educated health expert who is known to offer anatomic pathology services under the management and direction of a senior pathologist. In addition, they interpret medical lab tests to help avoid illness or supervise a chronic condition.

However, to be eligible to take this job, candidate has to graduate with a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution. Aside from these critical qualifications, they will also have to write a fellowship exam and hunt for an internship or on-job training in order to become an authorized Pathology Assistant.

Duration of course:-2 years
Eligibility: - 10+2
Mode: - Full-time and Part-time Diploma

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